We are so pleased to announce 6 months after our devastation flooding within the building its all systems go!

All parties have accepted liabilities and are now at last working closely with the landlord’s agents Edwin Thompsons Architect and building team to complete specifications within their schedules of works to be done for fit out.

Following several site visits over the past couple of months with insurance loss adjusters and loss assessors along with the landlords departments we now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is fantastic news for all our valued customers whom have waited patiently for news of re-opening of the facility.

We can confirm works will commence from the landlords side first, including flooring, emergency lighting, fire alarms, doors, skirting’s, architraves, plumbing and sanitary works , along with all plastering works and re-construction of such, painting throughout and full deep clean throughout.

Once they have completed their duties it will be then up to our insurance to refit out under the insured material damage, this will include machinery, chairs, seating, and other items damaged on the 16th April belonging to us, not the landlord.

Business interruption insurance is also working closely behind the two insurance companies to complete their admittance and dividing of liabilities to all three parties; landlord, business interruption and material damage from 16th April to date.

We cannot at this stage give you an exact re-opening date until we have all the relevant parties’ schedules of works planned and in front of us, once we have all this timeframe information we will announce this accordingly.

We cannot thank you enough for bearing with us in this matter; it has been a horrendous situation to be in from start up to now to deal with as a business.

This is a great announcement to make for the business, we have been told we are closing, going into liquidation, and not re-opening, these are false statements.

It needs to be stated that correct information for the business will be published on its official website and we ask that our valued customers read this to have guidance on the current up to date situation for the building and its future.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of our customers for being very patient in this situation we are currently in, it’s coming to an end now and we can now see progress ahead which is great news. I myself am excited to see the finished product along with our members; we can’t wait to be back in business again serving the community with our facility.

Kind Regards,

Adam Sharkey