Elite Fitness – An update for all.

Firstly, thanks for your patience through what has been a terrible time for our business.
Our setback has strengthened our resolve to get back to where we were, newly refurbished throughout.
13 weeks ago, we had an overnight leak, which cascaded through the gym’s lower floor. The damage was unbelievable and it still feels surreal to us. We had no alternative but to temporarily close our doors and then had to wait for insurers and loss adjusters to get us back to some semblance of order. It was estimated 20,000 litres of water went through the lower floor. The complications were many. Our own loss assessor was taken on to liaise with our own insurance company and with their loss adjuster on behalf of the business.
The lion’s share of this work has been done on our side now and some fine tuning will take place in the next fortnight to three weeks ahead with the landlords appointed loss adjusters who only just visited site this week to scope out their side of the liabilities on behalf of the landlord. All these various concerns have to work together before contractors can be appointed to do the remedial work throughout. We will still have to await the for the landlords estimator to complete his job.

How much more time will it take? In truth – we don’t exactly know but what we do know is all the contractors on our insurance side have said it could take around 6 to 7 weeks to complete the works to the standard that we had, we will now just have await the landlords teams to come back to our loss assessor and confirm how long their scheduled works will take.
What we do know is that we will come back bigger and better, with our loyal staff who have stuck with us. We can assure you of that. The light is at the end of the tunnel. We just haven’t expected nor experienced something like to this to take as long as it has. As soon as we have more directive news for everyone we will let you know accordingly.

Some answers to FAQ’s as follows:-
Q. What damage was done?
A. The whole ground floor was destroyed. Fire alarm, electrics, all timbers,doors,plasterboard,machines etc.
Q. Your temporary marquee and classes – Can these be used free of charge?
A. Yes they can. Totally complimentary. Bring friends/family.
Q. Can I book online?
A. Yes you can or if you’re not a member then message us. You then just simply turn up at the class of your choice. The instructors will sign you in.

Q. Best place for updates?
A. Our website www.elitefitness-penrith.co.uk and social media.

Regards, Adam Sharkey