landlords agents visit the damaged building.

Our landlords Agents visited the damaged building on the 30th August with their building surveyor.

They were shocked at what they saw and carried out damp tests throughout the building, the surveyor has pointed out the changing rooms and part of the corridors are damp up to 1 brick block high and they are planning on putting dehumidifiers into the building to get rid of the dampness found within.

The landlords agents are now conducting 3 quotes for their insurers from tradesmen some 20 weeks on from the flooding. 

The process isn’t the quickest and we could have never imagined this to take so long but it doesn’t leave us in much of the way of direction to inform all of our customers where we are up to with repair works commencing – still awaiting for the contractors to carry out there duties through the landlords agents.

With 3 insurance companies involved within this it certainly doesn’t speed the process up.

We will keep you all updated once we receive further news and direction on the progress as we receive this.