• Everyone using the facility will be asked to download our new app – as we will be re-opening as the first contactless Gym facility within the Town.
  • Download the App and enter your Mobile Number  to allow access here: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/clublink/id1476551554
  • The App will allow you contactless access from your phone, enable you to join up with us and give you access to direct messaging with the club, class bookings, members progress and will also show you the clubs capacity before you arrive, from 0 to 100%. (we set the clubs capacity number for safe usage for customers)
  • If the timeframe you would to have is full then you would have to book onto the next hour and so forth, this you can plan ahead with a 10 to 14 day window so you will never miss out.
  • Online Bookings will become the new normal as we all move digital, we will have a capacity limit in place as for the 3m2 area usage for all our customers so when you book your gym workout time slot online you will not only know the current clubs capacity before you arrive, but you will also know before arriving that the safety measures are already  in place for you prior to arrival, giving you that peace of mind you won’t be bumping into one another throughout your workout or class.
  • Our Facility floor area is over 335m2 / 6,825 Sqft.
  • This is some of the vital information we will be giving to all our customers to show how we are going to be maintaining and upkeeping our facility the best and safest it can be for you.